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Growth, international expansion and closer relationship with each client

Total Care Corporation manages the relationship with more than 1000 clients and distributors in Venezuela, Colombia and Costa Rica, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With a sustained growth of the business, it plans its international expansion. It increased the technical staff in the field by 10 times and now has accurate and real-time information on the effectiveness of its activities.


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Total Care Corporation is a company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and marketing of professional polishes and industrial chemical products for the Latin American automotive sector. Its most recognized brands are Perma System, Symplex and Cyclone. Its production plant is in the United States, it markets its products in Colombia and Costa Rica; it is currently preparing for international expansion to other countries on the continent and also to Spain.

The company’s business model involves working entirely through distributors; Its market is that of professionals and workshops that provide service to the end customer, not only to the owner of a vehicle, but to companies with entire fleets of cars, vans or trucks, and even the Medellin metro. Precisely to boost sales together with the channel, made up of more than 160 distributors and award redemption points distributed in 28 areas, Total Care has a policy of contact with end customers through technical field personnel, which reveals needs, makes demos, performance tests and comparisons with other brands.

“Before we used a German software that basically allowed us to organize appointments, but it was very limited. Most of the information was handled manually. The concept of this system was that it functioned only as a marketing tool, ”recalls Juan Castro, the company’s Director of Research and Development.

With the advice of the Ciclic firm, Total Care decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “The partner’s advice was essential, given that he understood our business and allowed us to turn our commercial management around with the use of the tool,” adds the executive.

Indeed, visiting customers not only allows us to better understand their needs, but also stimulates sales through distributors. “With Dynamics CRM we help our channel more, to drive business growth. In addition, there are areas in Colombia where we do not have distributors and there we also need an organized follow-up of each opportunity to maximize profitability, ”says Castro.

The personalized attention of the commercialization allows Total Care to deepen the relationship with the client and to promote ‘cross selling’, that is, the sales of additional products. “It used to happen that the same products were always offered, but understanding the characteristics of the client, the analysis of their purchases but also their potential needs, help us promote the offer of complementary items and that increases the turnover”, they explain in the company. More than 1000 clients are currently being tracked.

“The technical staff who visit the accounts, not only does a survey of information that the distributor generally does not have, but also leads a standardized flow of contact that not only improves performance but also the quality of service. In addition, the sales information is consolidated in the same system, therefore the effectiveness of the demonstrations can be evaluated and each case explored to improve performance ”, the R&D Director adds. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in addition to being a support for business management, is also used for marketing purposes. It allows structuring communications, campaigns, measuring results, even with the segmentation of the Total Care business model, that is, discriminating between distributors, end customers, the different countries in which it operates and the different product lines it sells.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the advice of Ciclic we are in optimal conditions to capture the opportunities of a market that for us is expanding. We are registering growth rates of 62% in Colombia, 110% in Costa Rica and we are going to conquer new markets.

The executive adds that “in an international market dominated by European and North American companies, as the only Latin American manufacturer of this type of product, we needed a tool of these characteristics that not only optimizes information management but also allows us to deploy a management methodology of the work of the field staff and of the bond with the clients ”.

Since Total Care adopted Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and in a context of growth influenced by various variables, the number of personnel traveling the territory has increased tenfold. “We are one step ahead, we compete for quality and now we also have the tool to sell with greater knowledge and intelligence”, concludes the executive.
With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the advice of Ciclic we are in optimal conditions to capture the opportunities of a market that for us is expanding. We are registering growth rates of 62% in Colombia, 110% in Costa Rica and we are going to conquer new markets.
Juan Castro, Research and Investigation Director

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