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Grupo Vitasana: Dynamics 365 for Sales in the Health Service Industry

The Vitasana Group is an organization dedicated to Primary Health Care and to providing occupational and occupational medicine services in Venezuela. With a business vision focused on innovation and thanks to the Implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales, Grupo Vitasana currently offers the possibility of accessing a complete online monitoring system, reviewing the schedule of agreed appointments and even paying over the Internet.


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Grupo Vitasana provides occupational and occupational medicine services in Venezuela. It also works with the main insurers in the country such as Mapfre, Seguros Mercantil and Catatumbo. It is governed by standards of the Pan American and World Health organizations.

With a business vision focused on innovation, it offers the possibility of accessing a complete online monitoring system, reviewing the schedule of agreed appointments, paying through the Internet and even calculating the Body Mass Index (BMI). It offers all the standard medical services, laboratory service, ultrasound, radiology, audiometry, gynecology, trauma, pediatrics, etc. Serves more than 1000 people per month.

“For a long time, customer information was recorded in the management system (ERP), which did not add any intelligence to those records. The workflows were quite complex and tracking patients using spreadsheets was difficult. We understood that we needed a solution that would allow us to centralize all the information of each person and from there improve the quality of the service ”, comments Margarita Jiménez, Manager of Public Relations.

“We evaluated some alternatives available in the local market and we ended up choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, understanding that it could provide us with the functionalities we required to give a strong boost to our operation,” adds the manager.

The implementation of the system, carried out by the firm CICLIC, a Microsoft business partner specialized in management solutions, included an assessment of Vitasana’s needs and the particularities of the business. In addition, it required integration with the ERP – a special Venezuelan development for the health sector. “As we got to know the tool, we discovered a potential that enabled new possibilities, beyond the initial requirements. This allowed us to project substantial and positive changes to our processes, always with a view to improving the experience of our customers ”, Jiménez adds.

The Vitasana Group offers companies a wide spectrum of medical control services prior to the incorporation of staff, pre and post vacation, as well as checks for people who leave a company and epidemiological reports. Added to this is the diversity of professionals attending people who request benefits in a personal capacity at the clinic in the City of Valencia. All of this requires a lot of synchronization, flow of a large volume of information and a history record to attend to subsequent queries.

“The CRM strategy that we define, with the support of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allows us to have everything centralized, to schedule the services, to keep track of each person we serve. In this way we can better manage relationships and maintain a unified view of health data and indicators. In addition, there are many tasks that have been automated and consultation and / or authorization flows that have been significantly streamlined ”, they explain in the company.

The area that first benefited from the solution was Customer Service, for which many call center tasks were optimized. “In this way we receive comments and inquiries, we help people to schedule studies or consultations with various professionals, observing the availability of each one. In other words, we not only improve the quality of care but also optimize the internal operation; the same doctors can see the agenda with the details of each patient, see their medical history or what other benefit is scheduled. Something very important is that they can consult the same information, always updated, both from the desktop computer in each office, as well as on their cell phones and tablets. That gives them the possibility to organize and even reschedule appointments if necessary, even accessing remotely ”, says Ms. Jiménez.

Work is also being done on the implementation of the sales and marketing module, mainly to carry out campaigns aimed at corporate clients, monitor and measure results. “The marketing of occupational medicine services is more sophisticated, there are more variables, conditions change with each company, and following up on opportunities, and after the service, is key to being successful,” says the manager.

The integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the ERP that has the centralized database of patients, is completed by linking the system with the web platform. By registering users, you can access a wide spectrum of online functionalities, such as request for appointments, consultations and test results, essentially. “In addition to the tasks that can be done remotely over the Internet, our staff has the ability to combine the use of CRM with Office 365, which extends the user experience and delivers additional value to users”, details the licensed, adding that “all these tools are very intuitive and simple to use, so adoption was very fast.”

“The impact of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been amazing. The customer service department has managed to reduce its processes by 80%, optimizing all internal processes, which in the last year generated an improvement in the satisfaction indicators for the quality of service by 110% ”, sums up the manager.

“We also managed to increase corporate sales by 200%, thanks to the systematization of commercial management. Before, we managed opportunities in a somewhat empirical way, but now we can measure indicators and do a detailed follow-up, which increases the effectiveness of our executives ”, indicates the executive. Not only was it possible to increase the recruitment of new clients who begin to use this type of services, but they also managed to increase sales to clients of other companies in the same sector by 50%. “Having a relationship strategy and a tool like Dynamics CRM undoubtedly impacts satisfaction and improves the perception of our service, which improves our competitive positioning,” she adds.

Finally, Grupo Vitasana explains another collateral benefit: “internal staff satisfaction has also improved; the work teams are more integrated and it is easy for them to access the information required for their daily work, which has raised our indicators by 150% compared to previous measurements of the climate within the organization”.
As we got to know the tool, we discovered a potential that enabled new possibilities, beyond the initial requirements. This resulted in us projecting substantial and positive changes to our processes, always with a view to improving the experience of our customers.
Margarita Jiménez, Public Relationship Manager

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